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Aug. 26th, 2008


作戦 9

I haven't updated my liveournal in ages, I feel so bad about it, LOL :D
I've been super busy with school and friends and shit like that.
My schedule seriously sucks, I have school every single day from 8am to 4pm and It's creepy.
Oh and my Health teacher is creepy.... >_<


I went to Neea's house this weekend and it was fun, we made a cake because it was Yehsung's birth day and hung around Helsinki, lol :D
Elina was there too, and we went to eat in this REALLY bad chinese restourant >_< man it sucked :D

Aug. 13th, 2008


作戦 8

I must say that the nicest thing in my new school is the fact that we can use computers during breaks x'D It's around the best thing here, lol.
Oh, and I officially started the school today and I already ave a tardy x'D I'm amazing :D
but I think I g2g, I see some friends around there xD

Aug. 8th, 2008

henry nooo

作戦 7

So I got home today from Helsinki and I really need some serious sleep now :D
But it was fun! We just hung around downtown with Saana first and then just went to her house where we abused her crazy and wild 2 and something years old little brother. Naturally, I made her wacth all the weird fandom shit that probably bored her to death but oh well, that's life :D

So today when I left her house I had to take the bus to Porvoo, because my aunt had a party there at a golf club, so I had to wake up super early, but it was fine because in the bus I chatted with this absolutely adorable university exchange student from Korea. It was fun because he couldn't speak any Finnish and also his English was quite horrible xD But my *amazing* Korean skillz totally killed him ! I swear to god :D It was fun, and how he tried to pronounce Porvoo and it ended up sounding like P-O-R-voo :D (PioOuErvoo), that totally made my day and I still keep repeating it because it sounded so darn cute ! But I think he probably thought I was insane as I just kept talking to him >_< xD

But oh well, after that I went to the friking Golf club and ate my lunch. Somehow my aunt's talked me into playing Golf with them, but it was really fun! I think I'll start to play golf, for cereal! it was friking fun even tho the place was full of snobs (you know those ~20yrs old guys that dress up in khaki pants and polo shirts and put slipovers over them and think they are hot?=, but it was fun anyways ! :D

waah, then I basically slept alll dayyy longgg after that (from 2pm to 9pm) and then I woke up to watch House M.D which was by the way awesome! I really dig the new season this far, tho the scene of house running made me almost die. SERIOUSLY, House, running? Darn he is hot!

Aug. 5th, 2008


作戦 6

Yay, tomorrow I'm going to take a train to Helsinki and gonna hang around with Saana, I hope that's gonna be nice! Then after that I'm going to sleep over at her house.. Well I wonder if we're going to sleep at all, dunno about that :D And then on thursday I have to go to Porvoo for my aunts over the hill party :D (50yrs) That's ptobably going to be the most boring thing ever but gotta do it anyways.

Oh, and my mom gave me 100€, just to buy some clothes and stuff like that while there, hehe! (That's like $153!) I think she has some issues as she just bought me jeans and 6 shirts & sweaters.. Well, her loss is my win! mwahaha.

And yeah that's pretty much it for my holiday : School will start next tuesday and I'm probably going to die with the upper secondary school thing. It's like High School but around 5 times harder (yes, a lot harder than the honour and IB classes..).
I'm going to try to get around 40 credits this year so I can do it in 2 years instead of 3, so that basically means that I'll have 8am-4pm days the whole year, without any 'jumpers'. Man I'm gonna die. :S
I even went school supply shopping yesterday, I bought this super cool moomin folder and around 1000 pages of paper, man that thing is heavy but at least I can fit everything in it >_< I also bought pens and other crap like that, I spent like 50€ O_O ($80!)

wah, but now I should go to sleep for cereal, I have to wake up 8.30am tomorrow which is incredibly early for me :S

oh and I made some random icons again,
I guess that's my way of killing boredom.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

作戦 5

I don't know why or HOW on earth this is happening but..
I seriously am developing some sort of obsession for Donghaes chin, lips and adam's apple!
It's FREAKY, seriously :D
Last night I even saw a DREAM about Donghea, which scares the shit out of me !
AHAHA I'm sorry Neea and whoever has me on their friends page for spamming but..
I just can't help it ! :D

And because I have this weird obsession towards donghae...
I made some close up shot icon what ever of his smexy jaw/lips/adam's apple.

作戦 4

I really do have too much time and not enough inspiration
Some one tell me what to write on those.


oh and New Deadline is already #7 in Garage countdown!
Party mood! 

作戦 3

Today's to do list:

Buy a pencil case
Find EOS's battery
Do some serious camwhoring photograpthing
Clean my room
Take the dog out

EDIT: It's almost 8pm and I still haven't done any of these, ahaha :D

I wonder if I'll ever manage to do all that, as today was supposed to be my DAY OFF.

Oh and yesterday I put all my uld band t-shirts on huuto.net (it's a Finnish e-bay type of thing).
Man I hope some one'll buy some of that crap, I need some serious money!
(so I can buy clothes go to nippon).
henry lau

作戦 2

I guess I was way too bored and needed icons for my LJ badly..
so I made some random Henry icons!
I spent around ½min for each so they fail, but henry wins eniveis.


I guess tomorrow I'll spend more than 10 minutes and try to make something cool.


it's 4:14am O_O

作戦 1

This must be my tenth Live Journal that I'll probably never update, and if I do no one will read it but I guess that's life lol?

I still don't know how to use this site even after all these years, but like I was told my brain capasity isn't that great. (That explains my countless spelling errors..)

Nice weather yeah.