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August 2008

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henry nooo

作戦 7

So I got home today from Helsinki and I really need some serious sleep now :D
But it was fun! We just hung around downtown with Saana first and then just went to her house where we abused her crazy and wild 2 and something years old little brother. Naturally, I made her wacth all the weird fandom shit that probably bored her to death but oh well, that's life :D

So today when I left her house I had to take the bus to Porvoo, because my aunt had a party there at a golf club, so I had to wake up super early, but it was fine because in the bus I chatted with this absolutely adorable university exchange student from Korea. It was fun because he couldn't speak any Finnish and also his English was quite horrible xD But my *amazing* Korean skillz totally killed him ! I swear to god :D It was fun, and how he tried to pronounce Porvoo and it ended up sounding like P-O-R-voo :D (PioOuErvoo), that totally made my day and I still keep repeating it because it sounded so darn cute ! But I think he probably thought I was insane as I just kept talking to him >_< xD

But oh well, after that I went to the friking Golf club and ate my lunch. Somehow my aunt's talked me into playing Golf with them, but it was really fun! I think I'll start to play golf, for cereal! it was friking fun even tho the place was full of snobs (you know those ~20yrs old guys that dress up in khaki pants and polo shirts and put slipovers over them and think they are hot?=, but it was fun anyways ! :D

waah, then I basically slept alll dayyy longgg after that (from 2pm to 9pm) and then I woke up to watch House M.D which was by the way awesome! I really dig the new season this far, tho the scene of house running made me almost die. SERIOUSLY, House, running? Darn he is hot!


Oh my brother loved it XD And Hannie made up for it.

Glad you had fun at the party :D


oh, and, YOU ALWAYs have the luck in finding people like that and actually knowing a couple words in their language XD <3
That's because I can say couple of words in almost all the bigger languages x'D